New Dolls And Bases




It's been nearly A WHOLE YEAR since i've updates.
I'm feeling guilty, yet thankful for the continued support - I've been getting emails requesting bases and advice far more often than i deserve. I miss the pixel life!
So without further ado, i present, afer such a long long long wait, new work (base! doll! Tutorials!) from your humble servant, Sus.

FINALLY! You are now able to vote for your favourite entry in the longest running contest ever known to mankind.

Almost a month! I'm horrible!!
I've been as busy as a donkey on crack getting the contest up to date, but i can't help but feel i've forgotten a few entries stashed somewhere in my vast mess of files. So if you've sent me your entry, and it's not up, PLEASE RE-SEND ASAP!! I cannot stress this enough. In one week, i will start voting regardless if all entries are up. I want this contest OVER.
One new base, which i love so much, so please use and abuse and then send her to me.
And i have another sister XDD Squillian. Note the linkage bellow the C-Box.

I've been as busy as a bumble bee on steroids!!
To make up for the extreme lack of updates, i have five new dolls. Seriously, five. Amazing.
The contest is still not at it's end, as i'm steadily getting a few last minute entries. Though it will end soon, some seven weeks after it began...
And BIG NEWS!!! I have a sister!!! Dear Fektion, i loveth thee. So a new page for that coming up XD

So a little more than a week. XD
I'm back now, with one new doll, a very very updated matrix contest section, and three new gifts. I am loved. ^______^

Quick update!
I'm going on holidays for a week, so the voting for the contest will begin as soon as i get back. One new doll. Enjoy!

My my! It has certainly been a while! Exams are safely over, and i'm back into the swing of things, at last!
One new doll (ok, three), and the voting for the Matrix Contest will begin in about a week and a half. So keep those entries coming, chickens!

Just dropping by to let you all know that i have exams for the next few weeks. And they're kinda important ones too. So i'll be on a semi-hiatus type thing for about a month. I'll still be around, just less dolling.
And yes, the Matrix contest is going well, all errors fixed, and hopefully voting will start when i return.
Thanks for your understanding XD.

New layout. Shatter demons.
I know it's not really version 99.0, but Robot-boy wasn't really version 1.2. I decided 99 was a good number.
Three new dolls, and a gift for Fektion.

Last day of school means big update!!!
Ok, so not THAT big. Finally fixed the base, fixed some broken images, general maintainance....
But that's the boring stuff.
The not-so-boring thing is....
There is now a new contest!!! Matrix themed, of course. So get those entries in piglets!

I'm a machine! Check it out!
Three matrix pairs and one doll - so SEVEN dolls! And a new base (with edits).
New contest coming soon!

Sorry for the delayed update - but now you get three dolls rather than one XD
Three new awards as well!!!
Annnnd... I did an interview for Pixel Post!!

Awards are up! See how speedy i can be! Check them out in the Hall of Fame!
New Matrix couple (Love 'em) and an unshaded doll for a contest. As far as no shading goes, she turned out great XD

Contest is over. Awards will be up asap.
Thankyou to all participants for making such a great first contest!!

Voting will end in three days time.
One new doll - i love her. I'm making a tutorial on her hair XD.

Voting is up, so go check it out monkeys!

A bunch of new dolls... but no tut yet. Soon...soon.

Quick update.
Contest is full. In fact, I've recieved one more entry than i was planning on having, so keep an eye out for voting within the next few days!
And it's back to school for me in a days time. So no more dolling sprees for a while.

Just finished that big update i was going on about.
There are HEAPS of new dolls, scattered throughout. Most of them are down the bottom of each section, considering they're older ones.
Updates the contest - 7/10 entries!
I'm in the process of scouring my favourites for links and the like, so it could be a bit before that's up - but at the moment i'm working on gathering adopted dolls, and some tutorials. Oh, and some pallettes!

If you spot anything buggy, email or tag me.

Ok, so *still* updating stuff. I'll get there XD
Because it's holidays, i've been dolling like... some kind of dolling machine. I have heaps. So enjoy them!

And my counter is screwing up - if anyone knows a good one that is RELIABLE, email me or tag me.

Putting up all my older dolls is turning into one hell of a task. It's taking a lot longer than i thought it would.
But in my defence, i have put up all the contest entrie i've received. 5/10 so far.
still plenty of room to enter *hint hint*

I'm in the process of doing a major update. This includes:
Adding many more dolls
Adding more pictures
Adding a billion more pages!
And something else... which i'll keep as a surprise.

This means that some pages will be a bit hectic or 'different' for a while, but all will be fixed soon.

In the mean time, Happy Easter, and i hope you'll enjoy this doll of Rift.

Two new dolls. The first one was done on April Fools' Day buuut for some reason i didn't post it. Second one is a self portrait/friend doll. It features me (floor) begging louise (standing) for fogivness. Oh the shame.
In other news, the pressure of end of term is getting to me... even though there's only 10 days 'till holidays. Go figure. So, i might be a bit skimpy on the updates until then. But come break time, expect big things...oooOOOoooOOOooo...

Happy April Fools' Day, Fools!

One new doll, cower in it's glory.

Update time! Added the 'About site' section and piut up the contest entries... or should i say, entry. C'mon people! Be creative and enter!
Ok, two new dolls, the gifts for Cim and Meds. So keep you filthy mittens off them!
Pluuus, i got a stalker gift from my newest stalker! Poisson! Those French sure are insane... poisson... sounds like poison but means fish! Try to see the logic... just try! I'm looking for a place to display it... but i think i'll have to create a new section.
Transmission over.

I *think* i've fixed the annoying pop up menu. Think. If anyone's still having this problem, email me and i'll see what more i can do. Ok, onto the real stuff. Part of the Link section is now up, so go check it out. I'm in the process of making about 4 dolls, so expect them soon.
And lastly, i just want to say thank you to everyone who has visited. I really appreciate it.

Suspicious Hat Pixels is back in action! At last. Take a look around, enter the contest, leave a comment in the niffty C-Box to your right, do stuff! Email me if something buggy happens... it was a trial and error coding. A big THANKYOU goes out to Cim and Meds. Thanks guys! Gifts will be coming your way soon.


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